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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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everything i do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured i'm going to call this my friend and it's not just i phones that's also i think it's i mean most not fans of the state at the moment we are in a state of the universe that read good stuff and did something that was for a week act i would rather take the risks of democracy for the risks of dictatorship digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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everyone i fell asleep bar on the wall welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes a desperate search for survivors after a powerful earthquake on the iran iraq border kills more than four hundred people. saudi arabia says it will reopen some of yemen supports allowing much needed aid deliveries. but the main supply route will remain closed. global carbon emissions set to rise to the first time in four years dashing hopes peaked plus. the president's serenades his u.s. counterparts but outside the atmosphere is less harmonious. i'm going to get harassed in doha by the day's sport it is make or break for four time champions it's late here face missing their first world cup in sixty years i'll
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have the details coming up. at least four hundred people have been killed and more than six thousand have been injured by a powerful earthquake that struck iran and iraq the u.s. geological survey puts the epi center on the border between iran and iraq semi autonomous kurdish region most of the deaths reported so far are any wrongs mountainous come in sharp province the worst hit town appears to be solvable the harb. on the iraqi side there are reports of extensive damage in the nearby town of the calm iran contra ports from baghdad. first responders quickly deal with the wounded in western iran a seven point three magnitude earthquake bringing schools of the injured through hospital doors. i fell from the balcony it was so fast pieces of glass fell
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on me and hurt my hand. new arrivals from remote towns swell the hospital to capacity the injured continue in ever increasing number as more people are found in the rubble the death toll rises to the earthquake was centered on the iraq iran border near the iraqi town of halabja striking at nine eighteen p.m. local time the u.s. geological survey immediately issued an orange alert saying deaths and damage should be expected then came the first reports of fatalities on the iranian side of the border in the town of consolation in people use their phones to record the devastation early reports suggest eight villages have been damaged by daybreak an estimated seventy thousand people were displaced iranian authorities quickly moved in field hospitals and emergency equipment the country has a history of dealing with earthquakes iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines across the country and in two thousand and three
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a six point six magnitude earthquake flattened the historic city of bam twenty six thousand people died although earthquakes are common in iran here in iraq they're much less common and that's led to a lot of concern from ordinary people who here in baghdad for example experience an earthquake for the very first time buildings swayed from left to right cars came to a standstill so there was real concern up in the kurdish reason we also saw shopping malls and homes being evacuated however the real damage is the real concern is on the iranian side of the border people have been sleeping out on the streets and it's likely they'll spend another night out in the streets of another earthquake how does their baghdad. i doubt if there is correspondent i mean if funding is only iran iraq border he sent this update but you know. we are here in the area. in the southwest of so. it seems that this recent earthquake hit this area last night has caused serious damage to the
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here in the body of a bridge of this there are visible cracks and the manager. said. that the initial estimates show damage is caused to the external face and body of the however he said that assessing the damage internally would require sensors and special equipment in order to make up the studies especially arrived from baghdad who are particularly concerned with. another team came from below to. he also said that the special u.s. army who specialized in. there are about to arrive at any time in order to assist in assessing the volume of the damage and
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destruction that affected. the rocks which fell from the east mountains caused huge damage on the to the dam or to the surrounding property is under construction the trauma seems to have made the rocks fall from dismount is spread in this area the manager said that so far work in that could be ordinary the other problem is the large number of civilians which so far amounted to eight people according to the iraqi ministry of health whereas the number of injured is more than five hundred seven of whom are from this area and the one from diyala which is in the south of the. aid groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen again after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's ports and airports saudi arabia placed a blockade on yemen
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a week ago after hoofy rebels fired a missile at riyadh the first ports to be reopened will include aden mccollough and our market which is controlled by yemen's exiled government around eighty percent of yemen's food supplies enter through the port of the head data which is controlled by the rebels the saudi led coalition says it will stay closed until it satisfied who cannot use it to bring in weapons out as there was mohammed oh here's more from the port of djibouti. up to four thousand tons of medical supplies as well as repeated food for yemen's children us stranded in djibouti aid edges is operating from duty saying that they are in a race against time these last ones will have more disruption in the provision of aid to the people of yemen especially at a time they need it more where they've been doing is instead of depending on the dolls and and cut off that they have been using for transport aid from here to
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yemen they're now using viggo ships to ensure that as much aid as possible gets to human however they still don't have the green light they do not know where they're going to take it so to let coalition who say they're going to open the portal and then on to other small boats in yemen aid officials say they're not using those two small outposts because of capacity and they say also taking aid meant more than yemen to i've been in the south will only give them more logistical nightmares as they have to drive this aid through areas held by tribal militias and the fighters and they're calling on the coalition to allow them to land these much needed aid in the port of data in the most. oras still had on this news from london that playing the long game calls grow louder in india for the government to do more
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to crack down on pollution. musician and campaigner bob geldof hands back an award he shared with near mars on france t.v. . and honduras asault job will tell you why their coach wanted the media out of his training session so coming up in school. first i saw fighters have recaptured the syrian city of our book a mile close to the border with iraq just a few days after the government and its allies took control of it it's thought i saw fighters have been hiding inside tunnels in the heart of the city which was isis last stronghold inside syria. strikes on a market in a rebel held town in northern syria are reported to have killed at least twenty one people the syrian observatory for human rights says through strikes hit the countryside town of tire and aleppo it's not yet clear who is responsible for the
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strikes. amnesty international says the syrian government's surrender or starve tactics over the last five years constitute crimes against humanity the human rights group is calling for an end to what it calls a dark stain on the world's conscience a report by amnesty says government forces surrounded and bombed densely populated opposition controlled areas and thousands of civilians were given the ultimatum to abandon their homes or die he says farms and food supplies were burned hospitals destroyed and people deprived of medical care the report also condemns some armed opposition groups saying they restricted block humanitarian help as well as the government sees asking for an independent body to investigate and prosecute those responsible. well donna some on is the syria research not amnesty international she says data in this new report was collected from more than one hundred fifty four
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displaced civilians and cafe and four which is part of the fourth agreement we found that had a sham islamic movement and at the head a sham formerly formerly known as robot and responsible of besieging the predominately shia advantages and the countryside so civilians have described to was what i mean that they're going through the same horrific experiences as other besieged areas besieged by the syrian government so these two towns the armed groups have restricted and humanitarian access deprive them from food tricity of water and even shelled agricultural fields to prevent them from accessing the agricultural produce. very reports now from the turkish town of close to the border with syria a warning you may find some of the images in his report disturbing. maybe so hard drew her last breath just over a month after she was born she weighed barely two kilos. malnutrition has
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killed a dozen other children in the outer suburb of the syrian capital in the last few months doctors say the siege imposed by the syrian government has caused hundreds of children to suffer from moderate to severe malnutrition. this mother pleads to roads be opened and the siege to end she wants aid convoys to bring medicine not just food. similar cries for help are being made in other areas of syria amnesty international says the surrender or starve strategy which is for thousands of syrians from their homes is a crime against humanity we're going half a million people continued to be besieged following the displacement of hundreds of thousands in the past year the u.n. helped end the siege for two hundred seventy five thousand people in the rebel held areas of aleppo city seventy five thousand were besieged in homs four thousand people were evacuated from the riaa and at least sixty five thousand were under
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siege in the four towns of men die as a danika for four. amnesty says the tactic of mass displacement by the assad regime using sieges in forced evacuations is not reconciliation. we human rights campaign group urges world leaders to not just take the local cease fire agreements and face value but view them in the context of systemic violations of international law. syrians in besieged jerry years have been forced to leave their ancestral homes after months of hunger and bombardment for years they have been telling the world how they feel and the fact that. i left aleppo my town our fathers and grandfathers lived there this year militias came to raise their flags with the russian occupiers this is our country the whole world let us down. rights workers say there is ample evidence of restricting access to humanitarian medical aid as well as air and ground assault on hospitals and homes which amounts to war crimes this right
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repeated calls for action aid workers and many syrians are disappointed that all they have seen is in the action and excuses by the international community a treatment this is future generations will not forget. or the war in syria was high on the agenda in the russian city of sochi where president vladimir putin has been holding talks with his turkish counterpart richard type. it is the fourth meeting between the two leaders this year before flying to sochi dismissed suggestions by the u.s. and russia they can be no military solution to the war in syria saying if that were true the two countries should pull their troops out. let's go live to such as the correspondent there rory chalons warry we were expecting something of a press conference with these two leaders it hasn't happened yet has it. no you know we are still expecting it invited all the media into the room where that press
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conference is due to take place the media then waited around for about forty minutes and then were told that they should leave. about ten fifteen minutes ago i saw some rather fine pieces of philip before on nice china plates being whisked past me by smart looking waiters so my suspicion is that they're talking into a bit of dinner and the press conference is not going to happen for a little while yet but we heard that so you men talking before they disappeared in for their meeting so we know roughly what they're going to be discussing they were saying that essentially the relationship between turkey and russia having suffered through two years rather sour. sour degradations i suppose is now roughly back on track they were saying that the trade deals the had been suspended after turkey shot a russian warplane out of the sky over the syrian border two years ago all those trade deals are now sort of moving again not quite back to how they were but
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specifically they have been talking about syria they were saying that the the kind of relationship that they've built over the last few months in the star in a process where together with iran they've been co-sponsoring these the escalation zones has kind of meant that trust has been rebuilt to a certain extent and they are looking more positively at the future relationship and of course in the background there's this s four hundred deal going on as well that's a sophisticated piece of russian anti missile technology which much to the disapproval of turkey's nato allies turkey is trying to buy off russia or and that deal is pretty much signed sealed and not quite deliberate yet but almost so clearly industrial and personal relations are somewhat improving between the two leaders but the president outlines not entirely happy with russia when it concerns the issue of syria. no no he's not despite all the corporation that the
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two have been going through recently he i think voiced his displeasure the day before he actually left for russia when he questions the statements from putin and trump on saturday that there was no military solution for syria we can hear exactly what he had to say now about that i think we can hear a sound bite from sorry for murder one now then we. are having trouble understanding these comments they say a military solution is not possible in syria but on the other hand the number of people killed by the syrian central government has reached one million how does this happen to a military solution is out of the question then they should pull their troops out. so yeah essentially that's what he's saying if there's no military solution well why is everyone still fighting there he also has problems with the situation in
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which is a very complicated part of the syrian war you have the turkish backed free syrian army squeezed into gether with the groups linked to al qaida and the group formerly known in up as. now has been trying to sort of split those elements apart but the. the yes strikes from the syrian air force continue and there's the perennial problem of the kurds which for turkey is a national security issue russia continues to talk with the white b.g. which turkey considers a terrorist group and would like russia to stop all right that's what china's live there from salt she still awaiting that press conference between pearson thank you dorie. now the head of the maronite church has travelled to the saudi capital riyadh amid speculation he may meet lebanon's prime minister saad hariri last week a spokesman for patriarch bashar rice said he received
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a positive response from saudi arabia over a possible meeting between the two men his believe the patriarch would deliver a message to the kingdom that lebanon quote cannot handle conflict hariri and out of his surprise resignation more than a week ago from riyadh prompting reports that he's being held there against his will or lebanon's president says he's happy to hear that hariri will be returning to beirut to quote soon and is considering taking back his resignation really made those comments in an interview in riyadh on sunday the instability in lebanon has sparked fears of a wider conflict and israel is paying a specially close attention is how a force that reports from west jerusalem. israeli troops rehearse another war with hezbollah these exercises the largest in one thousand years took place in september two months on some are wondering whether lebanon's political crisis might set the stage for the real thing this causes are going to have great concerns over the developments in the middle east the fact that the prime minister has fled to
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another country will obviously lead to destabilization eleven and there were already several areas of instability behind those fears and the extraordinary events of the last ten days which have seen the lebanese prime minister side hariri summoned to saudi arabia and announce his resignation and the leader of hezbollah accuse the saudis of declaring war the israeli media have been full of speculation about the intentions of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sandman one theory is that he's trying to destabilize lebanon in order to spark a war in which israel would defeat hezbollah and deal a blow to their common enemy iran even if that theory were correct there's little sense among analysts here that israel would at the moment be willing to play along it will certainly be an enormous test at an early stage of the recent warming in relations between saudi arabia and israel. not least because since the last lebanon war in two thousand and six hezbollah's soldiers have been battle hardened in syria and its missile arsenal has swelled in size range and destructive power on the
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israeli side defense minister avigdor lieberman has repeatedly this year promised that in any future conflict israel would seek a decisive clear victory all of which would risk a largescale conflict than eleven years ago just because both sides have incentives not to go to war doesn't mean they're not going to go to war all it takes is one miscalculation of you know from one side of the other response to you and then there's a response to the response and back and forth and all of a sudden you're fighting a war that you didn't want i really gave a t.v. interview on sunday raising the prospect of his return to lebanon and even to office if he's uneasy partners in power hezbollah stopped intervening in the war in yemen is a sign at least of a potential deescalation in a crisis being watched intently from israel are a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem for almost a week now the indian capital has been choked by toxic smoke hospital admissions of spikes and the authorities have taken extraordinary measures to try to improve the air quality but indians say it's been
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a problem for years and they want the government to act very on a whole looks at why the air they're breathing is so dangerous. at first glance it looks like delhi is blanketed by a thick wintry fall but the sheer number of people covering their mouths shows this is something more sinister for almost a week people have been gasping for breath and hailing a toxic combination of microscopic particles and noxious fumes many have heeded the warning to stay home but some are getting tired of that we are worried about our health that's where we're at we went all right in the segment for the last four or five days but finally we've had no home this weekend i want to say this is i will be clear again at times delozier has been almost ten times worse than the chinese capital beijing a city basin known for its better with pollution. here's what makes the smog so dangerous air quality is assessed by counting measure with
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a diameter of less than two point five micro metres we're talking absolutely tiny here around thirty times finer than a human here so small it can only be detected with an electron microscope and small enough to get into your lungs and pass into the bloodstream causing heart and respect tree problems the air quality index puts the upper limits for good ear at no more than fifty and the highest and most hazardous level on that index is three hundred plus the count for delhi at times of the last few days has climbed to double that up past six hundred mosques my make people feel better but they offer little real protection from pollution like this experts say it's the same as smoking forty to fifty cigarettes a day construction projects vehicle fumes and home fires during winter are all being blamed but most believe farm fires are the main culprit here farmers in
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neighboring states clearing their fields by burning them it's against the law but it's also cheap and easy and every year state governments are accused of turning a blind eye emergency hospital admissions have risen between twenty and thirty five the scene government leaders have ordered the closure of more than six thousand schools halted construction and to limiting trucks to only those carrying essential supplies forecasts of rain in the coming days my office some response might but forecasters say it will only be temporary in the meantime those who can a staying home but many others in delhi simply can't afford to nor do they have the money to get to hospital when the smoky grey has becomes too much to be here. or carbon emissions are projected to rise the first time in four years according to
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scientists global c o two emissions had plateaued over the last three years leading to hopes they had peaked but in twenty seventeen they're set to rise by about two percent globally according to a report by the global carbon project being presented at the climate talks in bonn now it's mainly due to china whose emissions are expected to rise by three and a half percent it is the world's top carbon emitters responsible for almost thirty percent of the global total followed by the us at fourteen percent and india with seven percent when peters is the research director of the center for international climate change research and indeed helped compile this report and he joins us live now from bourne thanks so much for being with us on the program and how surprised were you by the rate of this increase. there was somewhat of a surprise the missions have been flat for the last three years which has been great news positive news given new momentum into what's going on in the climate
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debate and whether we can actually meet the goals set in the paris agreement so it's sort of disappointing a little bit surprising that emissions went up two percent that's a pretty substantial increase a little bit early to tell whether it's a sort of return to growth over a longer period of emissions will drop back down next year that will have to wait and see what you explain i guess why china is so responsible for these carbon emissions what has happened in china that is meant that they've actually had an increase. so china is responsible for about thirty percent of global emissions which means whatever happens in china has a big signal on the global level so in the last few years the construction boom in china has come to an end this means less cement less steel less electricity and less coal consumption which has been good news the end of last year twenty sixteen there was an economic stimulus which. boosted industrial production in china and
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combined with a little bit drier year in twenty seven in less hydro power this is led to an increase in coal consumption so increasing in production lower power means more coal is consumed emissions are going up but also at the same time there's been strong growth in oil and gas consumption that keeps driving emissions up as well so as you say it's too early to know whether this is a blip or a growing trend in china however other countries who've long been big emittance how have they been fairing. so over the last ten years or so the u.s. and e.u. of some positive progress emissions of thing going down in those countries around about one two percent a year but in the last year or so those emission declines of started to back off not going down as fast as they used to looking at the u.s. emissions are down just a little bit in twenty seven and we're expecting emissions my pop up a little bit in twenty eight m. which would be disappointing europe emissions are sort of flattened out the last
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few years so some some bad news there something we'll have to watch for what's going on in europe so with slower reductions in the us and the e.u. that puts a little bit of upward pressure on global emissions and also we have a lot of developing countries in the world you know they responsible for essentially forty percent of global emissions if you take out china and india and their economies are growing their emissions are growing around about one two percent per year and we expect that to continue in the in the years ahead or i can pay to have you with us there thank you. there are still plenty more to come on this including could grow them in a bar trade be part of the answer to those rising carbon emissions we just talking about. given three weeks to prove they don't have. a major scandal that cost the government its majority. and the corruption crackdown of three more.
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here in new york with details coming up for you. in. how i will start with a quick check on the weather around the quake in iran just around the border with iraq and you can see it does stay dry a little bit of cloud floating through but i think it will be of the weather variety rather think a cloud there into eastern parts of the region so might see some western weather just pushing into the north of pakistan helping to disperse the pollution the smog and the fog that we have here for the higher ground up towards kabul for. for a time just going on into wednesday the wintry mix makes its way further east which is a little cold of a couple around nine celsius iran iraq staying dry and settled in the south whether standing right across into the advance of beirut getting up to around twenty three
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degrees in the sunshine plenty of sunshine across the right in place i just notice a little bit of cloud across parts of saudi arabia here in doha temperatures at around thirty one degrees still quite a keen breeze a little bit of lifted dust inside saudi a possibility over the next suspect those winds falling a little lighter as we go on through wednesday meanwhile we see some very heavy showers into eastern parts of south africa plenty of clouds showing up on the satellite picture here a little bit of wet weather too extending its way into mozambique with a chance of showers for zimbabwe. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the brock obama the will only do that and that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom arbitrary killings torture maybe you giving me room pavement if we but challenging the established line every single one of the three
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a lot of thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute you didn't show them you show them one saw a joint lead he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera the story that had the greatest impact on me were probably the. thirty four miners died and we were there were no very few television things being right on that time to dismiss some of the times the story the story and films and stuff like that tonight i want this to be over in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not fair and you didn't miss any of the news and you posted this you can watch it on my.
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at the top stories on al-jazeera at least four hundred people have been killed and more than six thousand injured by a powerful earthquake in the iran iraq. groups are preparing to send much needed supplies to yemen again after saudi arabia said it will start reopening some of the country's courts. and the russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart. have been discussing the war in syria at talks. this is airstrikes on markets in northern syria are reported to have killed at least twenty one people. u.s. president donald trump has met his philippine counterpart at the ass and summit in manila relations between the two countries have been strained since deterred he came to power he pledged to stand up to washington while fostering closer ties with russia and china but as alan dogan reports from manila deter say and trump appear
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to be developing a cozy relationship. when he was sworn into office philippines president will be good to thirty says the could she will be cutting ties with the united states but now more than a year later and as chairman of the association of southeast asian nations critics a deterrent is now singing a different tune. over the years the one. he promised to pursue an independent foreign policy veering away from the u.s. while building closer relations with china and russia those who want supported him now say deter the strong man image isn't quite what it. really shows the kind of relationship there is between him and trump but with the philippines and the united states it's a neo colonial relations all of many is for
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a truly independent foreign policy independent from the dictates of the united states of america it's donald trump's first trip to the philippines since he took office security experts say top of his agenda are the growing tensions in the korean peninsula he'll also be meeting with leaders of as he and member states all our diplomatic ties with north korea but have unanimously condemned pyongyang's nuclear weapons program over the weekend three was aircraft carriers carried out joint exercises off the east coast of south korea during many here that the situation shows no sign of the escalating the south china sea dispute is also on the agenda together with the growing influence of eitel in the region and the ravinia crisis in me and mark the thirty and shop are meeting on the sidelines today a lateral discussion that is making many here nervous but trump says the two countries have a great relationship trump wants glossed over deterred to so-called war on drugs
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which has led to the deaths of more than ten thousand killed. and far from the glittering hearts of as the protests continue in downtown manila. this been going on for more than thirty minutes now. protesters are chanting the word coup which means. philippine state forces together with the president. are stooges. more than two thousand people showed up and there is no shortage of zeal or anger. but the history between the two countries is so intertwined it will take more than a few protests to separate the united states from its former colony. manila. where the russian president vladimir putin and the president turkey.
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are holding a press conference these relations. at the same time they're going to discuss further issues including the syria issue among the others. can be sure. that prior to the crisis. we have brought our relations to create crisis. stage and there's a thirty six percent increase in the volume of trade between our two countries. can you hear the translation to moment.
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all of a pause in proceedings. clearly vladimir putin the russian president is waiting for for translation to begin we're lucky here at al-jazeera we have our own translators translating but what he is saying and the turkish president i think we're back on again. what kind of conversation with. you call this what are you making. a. telephone. conversation with my colleague and. to hold talks to have a meeting here in such a. meeting we have discussed the current state of our bilateral relations and also. consider
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our future together. we have also discussed regional issues especially the syrian matter. our bilateral relations. i can clearly stated in respect of our bilateral relations. an. indication of this is the increased trade between our two countries. increases at a level of thirty six percent. believed that until. very. late may
9:39 pm
have occurred last year. improvement have been achieved through. all the limitations and obstacles. as a result of. together with mr. cultural products from turkey has restarted. to remove remaining limitations. together.
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in terms of. energy matters. have discussed these issues together with the ministers. both countries and it relevant officers. in all the respect of. power plant in. our company. on this project as soon as possible.
9:41 pm
in respect to long. we have come to an agreement. bring our efforts in respect of political risk. in syria. so that we can syrian people for a stable. in the area.
9:42 pm
in order to. describe. syria's. political and territorial integrity point. visit to. a knife given information to mr president about these visits and talks on how. in respect of that as going to. meetings turkey iran and russia. continue our successful foods and they will do so and
9:43 pm
future. as a result. violence in syria has. decreased. united nations support. and relevant conditions. are being developed in order to achieve protection of refugees. i would like to thank mr president for this productive meeting and to get a. series
9:44 pm
of talks are forming a very helpful tradition between us. and contributing a lot. we would like to continue these. series of meetings without difficulty in a sincere. and. these are very productive and achieving results. achieved very good results i would like to thank mr president for his contribution and we will continue working together in this manner thank you. and the president and members of delegations and their members a place i would like to greet you all with much affection.
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first of all i would like to. thank all the russian. officers and authorities especially mr putin for the hospitality they have shown to us here. during this year this is my first visit we have visited russian federation the third time. and through today. this is the sixth time we have been. having talks with my dear friends mr put and. so did develop our relations we have come to an agreement mr put in. both through one on one talks and. through through
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telephone diplomacy we continue intense contacts. as a result of the high. council seventy meetings. all of this started. in addition to our political dialogue our economy. is on the increase. during my visit in march. we have discussed. for some of our agricultural products to be allowed in. russia. we have received good news from my dear friends. about these issues we are pleased to
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hear. the time since then we have been paying intense effort in terms of contacts between two countries in order to remove all the obstacles remaining between our countries. the mitchell economic commission meeting has been held in in the last month. we discussed. the cultural products like tomatoes jeans and tommy grenades. and we are pleased to see the decisions taken at this meeting in respect of
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allowing these products to be. imported. in russia. we would like to see the remaining limitations remaining obstacles to be removed as well our trade in the first three quarters of this year compared to last year had a serious increase and is now beyond fifteen billion dollars. we had. one hundred billion dollars target announced in the past
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in order to achieve this target we need to remove all the remaining obstacles between our two countries trade. and exemption from. regulation is very important. to have this back to its previous state we'll have a lot. on the other hand. today was meeting. we had on our agenda stream and nuclear power plants projects we continue voting on these projects we had. discussed. the bay these projects all. in order to undertake and complete this project on time is very important by both
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countries. russia. is. at this stage where the placement of pipes are completed and we are very pleased to see that. and we are paying close attention. to the aspects where. our country is going to deal with and in terms of nick lair power plant and. we'll be complete in the weeks. if mr putin's program allows the schedule allows we would like to take. an opening.
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ceremony together. cultural entry stick relations between russia and turkey hopefully they'll be taken to their states compared to the previous levels. in the first nine months more than four million russian visitors have arrived in our country at. so listing there to the turkish president. who is in a joint press conference with the president of russia vladimir putin president has described as his dear friend putin both presidents keen to. remind us that their economic cooperation is on the increase that trade is up thirty six percent between their two countries and this all follows of course
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a breakdown really in relations back in twenty fifteen when a russian plane was shot down over syria and that caused a big rift in the relations between russia and turkey since their leads two men have been trying to break up a mend that revive rift build new bridges between russia and turkey listening into this joint press conference is our correspondent china's he's also in sochi where press conference is being held so both men really talking mostly at the moment about the economic cooperation and bilateral relations between the two not so much talked about the the issue of syria which we know will have been high on the agenda . yeah that's surprising i think given that most of the mood music that was coming from moscow and also ankara in advance of this meeting was that the main topic of conversation between the two presidents was
9:53 pm
going to be syria and the cooperation that both countries have been engaged in particularly with respect to the stand up process to try and bring the violence down as you say most of the talk here in this press conference has been about trades as you say putin was saying that trade is up thirty six percent. was saying that yes we used to have this targets of one hundred billion dollars in enterprise and trade between russia and turkey then the shooting down of the russian plane completely ruin that targets in doing almost nothing well. and saying that if we are to actually ever achieve that one hundred billion dollar target then we need to have all the restrictions that were put in place after the diplomatic freeze we need to have all those lifted we need to have the full flow of
9:54 pm
agriculture from turkey into russia restored and all the energy projects that were sidelined except sure that turkish stream a gas pipeline project and also the russian building of a nuclear power plant in turkey then those need to be completely brought back online again relatively little was said about syria as far as we've heard so far a person was saying this a declaration is going to be prepared. basically that is going to be affirming as we already assume that syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty are the main points and putin said that the. success the start of process would be built on it's been instrumental he said in reducing the scale of violence in syria and that these two men would continue their fairly intensive level of face to face contact or writer for a chance wondering that press conference that's just finished in sochi thanks so
9:55 pm
much less so now to our senior political analyst mom bashara he's at our headquarters live in doha so i think the fifth meeting this year between the two need is how do you assess where turkey and russia all really their relationship. well judging from what we've heard now it sounds that. you know the accountants in chief of giving us a balance sheet of the various little bits of business like exchanges about nuclear this and that and and trade this and so on and so forth quite boring stuff but i mean this is the business of states i guess it is to trade and normalize relations and so on and so forth but i must admit. that really disappointed by what i heard specially that the press conference has just finished and they haven't taken any questions about the nature of their relationship about their future plans
9:56 pm
in the region their relationships with iran and the united states and certainly about the future of syria and why what are they about to do of geneva in terms of aston a and so on so forth so all in all you could say that. the warming of relations have come full circle and now they are normalized as they said they are fully the relations are for the restored and clearly felicity the color of the relations between turkey and the west and its western allies the warm are the relations are becoming between turkey and russia there's almost a positive correlation dems of the acceleration of the relations between turkey and russia on a number of levels they've just bought as four hundred missiles from them when they couldn't get back three hours from the united states they're getting support from them in syria they are agreeing on
9:57 pm
a number of things and president putin just said that he's actually updating the turkish president about his own visits and meetings with the likes of the iranian president and so on and so forth so all in all you could say that. slowly but surely turning his back to his western allies. eyes while really embrace ing the the russian president what is interesting though marwan and we are running out of time on this particular program which is briefly from you is you hear the two men talk warmly about each other party each other on the back you have to remember of course a stance of glee they are on or backing opposite sides in the war in syria and you know when you look at it from the outside that doesn't appear to be the case when the two men are talking. well i mean it's precisely what the united states and russia or the united states and the soviet union did in pastimes you know you would wish people here in the gulf region would do the same meaning you might disagree on
9:58 pm
something but yes that would be civil enough the communication to reconcile and to try to find common ground to continue to trade the normalize relations instead of abruptly cutting relations inside them and eyes and one another i think these are positive steps that heads of state talk to one another and are able to resolve issues if they could in hot spots like syria and other places. so we appreciate it . thank you and that is it for me and then he. will be here in a couple of minutes time with much more of the day's news for you in the meantime thanks for watching.
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